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France: Windows smashed and cars burnt at Yellow Vest anniv. protest

2 16.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Cleaning operation on streets of Paris
C/U Shattered glass being blown away on ground
W/S Man blowing shattered glass on ground with leafblower
C/U Remains of burnt scooters
W/S Burnt advertising panel
M/S Shattered glass window on ground
C/U Shattered glass window
W/S People passing by entrance of 'Italie Deux' shopping centre
W/S People standing in front of shattered glass facade
C/U Shattered glass window of 'Citadines' hotel
M/S Shattered glass window of 'Citadines' hotel
W/S Shattered glass window of 'Citadines' hotel
C/U Graffiti on glass window: "ACAB"
W/S Smashed window; people walking in background
M/S French flag over city map's panel
M/S Damaged street furniture
C/U Burnt car
M/S Burnt car
W/S Burnt cars
C/U Burnt car
W/S McDonald's sign
M/S Employees sweeping up broken glass from shattered McDonald’s window
C/U Shattered glass window of bank
M/S Shattered glass windows of bank
W/S Shattered glass windows of bank
M/S Shattered glass windows of bank
W/S Shattered glass windows of bank
W/S Damaged street furniture
W/S Firemen
W/S Dustman sweeping remains of shattered glass window
C/U Graffiti on glass window reading (French): "YV 1 year!!"
W/S Street sign
W/S Damaged street furniture
Significant damage to public and private property was filmed in central Paris on Saturday, after Yellow Vest protesters returned to the French capital on the first anniversary of the movement.
Footage shows workers already deployed on the streets, sweeping shattered glass and piling burnt public benches and other furniture. The glass facades of a hotel, a bank, and a shopping mall were also shattered.
The Yellow Vest protests began on November 17, 2018, and were initially sparked by a fuel tax rise, but quickly spread throughout France and evolved into a general expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo.