Austria: Russia willing to overcome negative Russia-US relations - Ulyukayev

Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev stated that after the result of the US elections, Russia would do everything in their power to "overcome a negative period in Russia-US relations," speaking at the Austrian Economic Chamber in Vienna on Wednesday.
"American people have made their choice and it should be respected... Of course we would like to restore a higher level of trust and cooperation in strategic issues and of course in the economic field," the Russian minister said. He added that it was important to remove barriers on a bilateral level and "get those benefits for business while maintaining freedom of trade, capital and services."
Speaking on a 'reset' in Russia-US relations, called for by now sitting US President Barack Obama in 2009, Ulyukayev said that "some steps were made, but unfortunately we have come to not very good results."
He continued, "from our side we are ready to move further, we are flexible and we are open. We would like to expect the same from our American partners. There is a favorable opportunity but the question is whether together with our American partners we can use it."