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Police officer, "So when we see this we come and investigate it. When I pulled up they were all at the back of the vehicle, I had them all come up here, I am explaining to you first before you say anything, I have to check them out as I made that stuff and put them over in the air. Councilman: "They were in my house" Policer officer: "Ok I don t know that pulling up." Councilman: "OK, that's fine, I'm not trying to be combative or anything" Police officer: "Ok I am not either" Councilman: "I understand you're coming in at the tale end of it. I just told you everything is okay. They already explained everything to me." *BUG AT SOURCE* Police officer: "Go back over there man, you always.. problems so go back over there, I am telling you one more time to go, go back over there and get out of the scene before you go to the jail for interfering. Go over there or you will go to jail for interfering. I am not going to tell you again, we are not going to keep playing these games brother, go back over there, go back over there, go back over there, I am telling you this is ..scene back off, go over there before you go to jail, I am telling you one more time, go there before you go to jail. Turn around, turn around." *BUG AT SOURCE* Police officer: "For resisting" Councilman: "I didn't resist" Police officer "And interfering" Councilman: "I didn't say anything, I backed up. I live here. These are my guests." Police officer: "Your guests are calm, you are the one that came over starting problems... to walk away, it was not your scene " *BUG AT SOURCE* Footage published on Monday by Prairie View police shows newly-elected Councilman Jonathan Miller being tasered while on his knees and turning away from an officer. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 8. Miller was released on a bond on October 9. The police department have been in the lime-light recently, following the case of Sandra Bland whose death in her cell prompted nation-wide protests. Miller has expressed plans to name a street in the area in Bland's honour. It is likely that officers involved in the Bland case were on the scene of the incident. Miller, a Prairie View A&M University graduate, got interrogated at his home property after police were alerted by activities, which was reportedly a practice for a dance routine. The video released by the police shows Miller denying all the accusations made against him and his guests before being forced to the ground and tasered by officers.


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