Majestic - Take Me Away [official video]



Producer: Rameca Records
Music, Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Lyrics: Majestic
Model: Vera Stefanova
Camera Operators: Nicola Atanasov & Ivan Kondev
Special Effects: Tom Walks
Post-Production: Wonder Swamp



Take me away please, just take me away!
Abduct me from this place, abduct me away!
Not waiting on doomsday, not wasting my time!
I’m leaving this planet, I’ve made up my mind!

[Verse 1]

Some say that heaven is a place on Earth and I agree
That to get there you must first lay down in a hearse…follow me
Dressed in black, what’s wrong with that?
Prepared for my funeral…brap!
Y’all should get ready to bury Majestic
You ain’t gonna miss him if you knew what’s coming
This shit was nothing, last nail in the coffin
Feeling is odd when something is calling
I don’t know the way, I just know that I must go
All in, don’t know where the fuck to begin
But you don’t know where the fuck I’ve been
The shit I’ve seen, the stuff I’ve been learning
Years it’s been since I began with a dream
Like Martin Luther King to become a king
But I’m slowly realizing that this world perhaps is not the one for me!


[Verse 2]

I don’t know who will leave or stay, which is why I push you
All away, make way for a new wave of space age era
Listen here dear, can you hear how the end is near?
Probably cannot from all the way down there
Blinded by the media, propaganda and the videos they make you watch
Supporting sides not knowing where the wars are fought
Where the money goes, who’s a friend, who’s a foe
Every man’s a pussy, every girl a fucking hoe
Sorry though, but don’t you people think outside the fucking box?
Am I the only one who’s left who isn’t left brainwashed?
I feel like an outsider in my own society
I feel like an E.T. compared to everyone I meet
Fuck it, I’ve had enough, want to leave my planet Earth
Since my birth, I’ve known my worth
Isn’t worth for me to be amongst you fucking idiots
Yes, I’m serious I want a challenge with a genius, I’m curious – do as you please!

[Chorus 2X]