Egypt: Radar specialists scan King Tut's tomb in search of secret rooms

More analysis is required to determine whether two secret rooms are concealed in the tomb of Tutankhamun, Dr. Khaled el-Anany told press in the Valley of the Kings, Friday.
El-Anany said that a team of radar experts have obtained 40 scans of five different levels of the tomb, and that results are expected within a week. More scans are set to take place at the end of April, where specialists will conduct a vertical radar investigation to be carried out from the hill above the tomb.
The tomb is over 3,000 years old. Specialists have speculated that the structure was actually unfinished when King Tut died unexpectedly at the age of 19 in 1,323 BC. Consequently it is thought that the young pharaoh was buried in what was originally the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, who had died ten years previous.