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Turkey: Clashes erupt at protest against construction of gold mine

8 21.02.2016 Инфо

Clashes erupted as anti-mining demonstrations continued to escalate in the Cerattepe district of Artvin on Sunday, despite security forces intensifying their crackdown against protesters who are trying to prevent the planned construction of a gold mine complex in the area.
Local reports confirmed that an estimated 2,000 protesters gathered at Otopark Square and set off to march towards the entrance of the mine. However, midway through the march the group were intercepted by riot police.
Police moved in with armoured trucks and used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowds. According to sources on the ground, several protesters were taken to hospital after experiencing problems breathing after the tear gas was deployed. At least one police officer was injured in the clashes.
The Cengiz Holding Company started its gold mining plans in area of Cerattepe in 2012. However, in 2014, courts halted the company's work due to concerns that its activity would have a severe impact on the region's environment. After appealing in 2015, the company won the right to begin work again, sparking protests in the area.