Apple Photoshopped a NSFW Joke Out of Its WWDC Keynote

During Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook offered to pay off a playful "ransom note" composed by members of the Cleveland Indians baseball team — a list that mostly consisted of demands for Apple products.
When Major League Baseball player Brandon Moss, the first baseman for the Indians, recently earned his 100th home run, the ball landed in the team's bullpen. Rather than handing over his keepsake, his teammates grabbed it and wrote a ransom note for what they wanted in exchange. The requests ranged from iPhones and iPads to brand new MacBooks and an Apple Watch.
But there was one NSFW item etched onto the original list that Apple had to Photoshop out before giving it stage time.
The demand came from Indians relief pitcher Marc Rzepcynski, known as "Zep," who said he wanted a generous portion of lubricant in addition to an Apple Watch.
While the words were clearly removed, leave it to the Internet to remind us there's often more to the story than what's on display.