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Hong Kong: 'Silver-haired' protesters lead march to government HQ

1 15.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Banner at protest in Chater Garden, Central District of Hong Kong
M/S Banner
M/S Banner on the ground
M/S People walk past banners
M/S Italian tenor singing anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong' in front of cheering people
W/S People applauding tenor
SOT, rally's organizer: "Since the beginning of the anti-extradition law amendment bill movement, the government have time and time again missed the optimal opportunity to resolve the issues. And their non-action have sparked further anger from protesters. Silver-haired marchers have repeatedly reminded the government to handle the programme, but our words, otherwise, lent on death ears which resulted in the rapid deterioration."
M/S A banner in memory of university student killed during demonstrations Alex Chow *CUTAWAY*
SOT, rally's organizer: "We must also fight for democracy and to retain freedom, human rights and the rule of law in Hong Kong. Not only for ourselves, but for our future generations."
W/S People holding banners march towards government headquarters
W/S People holding banners march towards government headquarters
M/S Man with walking cane participates in the march
M/S People holding banners march towards government headquarters
M/S People hang banner outside government headquarters, Hong Kong
The elderly led an opposition march to Hong Kong's government headquarters on Friday.
Organisers called the event the 'Silver-haired march' to show support for the younger generation's struggle.
People rallied at the Chater Garden in Central District with posters, signs and banners, including one in the memory of 22-year old university student Alex Chow Tze-lok, who died of severe injuries after falling from multi-storey car park during a protest earlier in November.
A speaker called on demonstrators to fight for democracy and to respect for the rule of law. Once at government's headquarters, the protesters hung banners at the entrance' gates.