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Spain: Students and workers strike for Catalan independence

4 16.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Demonstration as part of strike in support of Catalan independence, Barcelona
M/S Demonstrators chanting
W/S Demonstration
M/S Signs reading: 'Freedom!'
C/U Sign reading: 'Republic of Catalonia - Freedom! Political prisoners'
SOT, Alicia, Catalan independence supporter (Spanish): "It was something that none of us wanted, but clearly is was almost inevitable. I am of the thinking that violence doesn't bring us anything, clearly. But I understand perfectly that the people have had enough and more when the youth get involved, who through their effort are driving everything forwards, as always, but I believe that they are looking for this image and they've found it. This is surely unstoppable now."
M/S Symbol of Catalan independence 'Estelada'
SOT, Alicia, Catalan independence supporter (Spanish): "The truth is that historically, I think that there was no rebellion or sudden violent change. Certainly not without violence or imposing what the people really want. From here on it, we hope that the violent escalation doesn't carry on for very long."
W/S Ribbon banner hanging from building reading (Catalan): 'Self-determination is a right not a crime'
M/S Demonstrators chanting and clapping
M/S Toilet rolls hanging from sign
SOT, Brandan Castros, Catalan independence supporter (Spanish): "Well, once again the people of Catalonia have had a civil disobedience against a state that we believe is repressive, because it has fulfilled all the requirements to qualify as a repressive state, a francoist one even, because it hasn't changed in the past 70 years."
W/S Demonstration with Sagrada Familia in background
SOT, Laja, Catalan independence supporter (Spanish): "Everything's very heavy. I was at home, because I couldn't join the demonstration yesterday, but what goosebumps. Everything's so scary."
C/U Estelada flag
SOT, Pau, Catalan independence supporter (Spanish): "The sentence seems very unjust to me. That's why we're all here. I think that neither we nor the police have to be violent. It's not only from one side, it's from both. The police actions are, how do I put it, very excessive, given the context."
W/S Helicopter
SOT, Pau, Catalan independence supporter (Spanish): "I hope that people keep coming to the demonstrations, that they continue, that attempts are made at less violence and for everyone to keep turning out to make the biggest possible noise in Spain, Europe and the world."
W/S Banner reading (Catalan): 'Freedom to the CDRs - They are political prisoners'
W/S Demonstration
Students and workers united to demand Catalan independence in Barcelona on Wednesday, as the region entered its third day of civil unrest.
Independence supporters attended mass demonstrations in the early evening, answering the call of protest organisers.
The crowd could be heard chanting Catalan nationalist slogans, while many brought along homemade signs and the region's Estelada flag, a symbol of the independence movement.
The latest protests were sparked by long sentences handed to nine Catalan political leaders for their part in a failed secession push in 2017.