Family Of Charleston Shooting Victim Is On A Mission To End Hatred

Alana Simmons and her family aren’t seeking justice through violence and riots for the Charleston church shooting, where her grandfather and eight others were killed. They’re seeking justice with a powerful hashtag instead: #HateWontWin.
Simmons challenged people on social media to post pictures engaging in acts of love and compassion with the hashtag to prove that humans are capable of more than hate. She created a Facebook page, too, where she encouraged people to find someone of a different religion, race, gender or sexuality and perform an act of kindness — buy them a coffee or give them a hug, she suggested — and upload a photo of it using the hashtag. Simmons told the New York Times, “We are here to combat hate-filled actions with love-filled actions. And that is what we want to get out to the world.”
People are already joining in on the love on Instagram and Twitter.