Majestic - No More Nightmares [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer: Alexander Nagy
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



I dream today ‘cause I don’t need no nightmares…

[Verse 1]

Wake up in the morning, but I keep on dreaming,
Look up at the ceiling because I am leaving,
My bed, and I’m feeling a shit day ahead,
See I keep on living but I feel like I am dead.
I keep on breathing, but I feel I suffocate,
I’m bleeding time and I cannot motherfucking wait,
To get the fuck out of this Godforsaken place,
Not to waste my days, which are at best shits,
To stop dealing with you morons, imbeciles and idiots,
There’s only so much shit to which I can be oblivious,
Compared to your stupidity, I’m a fucking genius,
Ask me what I’m up to – none of your fucking business,
Ask me out for coffee – no I’m keeping it mysterious,
How you never get me – I find that shit hilarious,
“Are you really crazy? Like oh my God Jesus!?”
First off that is not my name and yes I’m fucking serious,

[Chorus 2X]

I’ve got bright lights, big cities when I get there,
I dream big, I never show that I get scared,
And every night I feel like I’m right there,
I dream that ‘cause I don’t need no nightmares.

[Verse 2]

Do not think small, always dream big,
So you have a reason to work hard and achieve it,
Do not permit those people with the bullshit,
Who try to bring you down bit by bit,
Instead stay focused and committed,
To all the dreams that you dreamed when you were a kid,
If your goal is to be like me – famous and rich,
Then fuck those foes and fuck that bitch,
Ditch everybody and be selfish,
You better start now because those be the times,
Gotta work fast ‘cause dreams have deadlines,
You gotta get yours and I gotta get mines, (yea)
I know it sounds easy and very nice,
So we wonder how to make all our dreams last,
Maybe put a gun to your face and blast?
Nah, let’s leave that to all the douchebags,

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]

If stars can’t shine without darkness,
Then I must be the world’s brightest artist,
Because I’ve been stuck in constant blackness,
For what feels like motherfucking light years,
Wait that’s not right – this is madness!
It’s hard to bear all this sadness,
Of how fucking pathetic our lives get,
But let’s not forget, and I won’t say it again,
That the sword is not mightier than the pen,
‘Cause history is written by those who win,
And all the rest would very simply be forgotten,
So don’t feel down just keep on workin’, (yea)
Don’t be consumed by the constant boredom,
Instead put your dick up in each and every problem,
And show everybody we are not at all like them,
‘Cause unlike those dumb fucks we actually have a plan,
To dream those dreams until the day we live them,

[Chorus 2x]


I dream today ‘cause I don’t need no nightmares…

Yea…big cities…you better be ready for me…because when I get there…you know what I’m gonna do?...huh…I’m gonna run you bitch!...haha…Majestic…brap…haha