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UK: Commuters turn violent during Extinction Rebellion protest at Tube station

4 17.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters argue with an Extinction Rebellion activist on the London Underground
A crowd of commuters at Canning Station, London, lost patience with a cameraman they believed to be an Extinction Rebellion activist, shoving him to the ground as they argued on a full London Underground platform early on Thursday morning.
A man in a red checked shirt and dreadlocks attempts to break up the violence by stating there is "no need," as other commuters start to kick and punch the camera operator.
Activists are also seen atop a stationary tube holding a banner reading "business as usual = death." Angry commuters shout at the activists to “get out the f***ing way” and to “get down,” amongst other obscenities.
Commuters packed the platform after being evacuated from the London Underground tube due to the protest action.
The British Transport Police made eight arrests on Thursday morning in connection with protests at three stations, including Canning Town.