USA: Geneva deal brings Putin's anti-terror 'coalition' closer - Russian UN Envoy

In an exclusive interview aired on RT's "SophieCo" Show on Tuesday, Russia's United Nations' Ambassador Vitaly Churkin spoke from New York to say the Syria Geneva deal came close "to a truly global coalition fighting against terrorists". He went on to say that this would be an arrangement similar to what "was envisaged by President Putin in his statement in the General Assembly, September 29 last year."
Churkin called the arrangement a "higher level of cooperation", although, he conceded, "Some elements of that [Putin's] proposal will not be there yet because we believe that the Syrian government should also be seen as a partner in this joint fight with terrorism."
Insisting on a partnership with the Syrian government, Churkin pointed out, "The main ground force fighting the terrorists in Syria is the Syrian government."
At the September 2015 UN General Assembly the Russian leader called for an international coalition to fight the Islamic State, likening it to the Allies fighting the Nazis. American Secretary of State John Kerry met Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva at the start of September. The pair successfully negotiated a 48-hour ceasefire in Syria which started on Sunday evening.