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Indonesia: Security tight in Jakarta amid President Widodo inauguration

0 20.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Police officers in formation as police drive past, Jakarta
W/S Helicopter flying over city
M/S Officer directing traffic
C/U Men hugging each other
SOT, Hari Kippy, Joko Widodo supporter (Bahasa): "We are from Garda Garuda Republik Indonesia. We will still be guarding the president's work for the next five years, we will prevent the hoax from radical groups that will separate and destroy this country with all our efforts."
W/S Military vehicle
C/U Supporters wearing traditional attire
W/S Supporters waving giant Indonesian flag
C/U Supporters in traditional dress
W/S Supporters waving giant Indonesian flag
M/S Supporters cheering
W/S Security behind barbed wire
M/S Security behind barbed wire
M/S Security behind barbed wire
Increased security measures were put in place in Jakarta on Sunday, during Joko Widodo's inauguration for his second and final five-year presidential term.
Some 30,000 policemen and other security forces were reportedly deployed around the presidential palace and the parliament building to safeguard the elected president. Several blocked streets and officers diverting traffic were seen in the capital.
Widodo's supporters held rallies for the president, waving a giant Indonesian flag on the street.
Joko Widodo took the oath of office for a second term alongside Ma'ruf Amin, after securing 55.50 percent of the vote against former Army lieutenant General Prabowo.