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Russia: FIFA's World Cup chief hails Russia's preparation for 2018

8 08.04.2016 Инфо

The head of FIFA's World Cup Office Chris Unger hailed Russia's World Cup preparations, saying that all deadlines would be met by 2018, after inspecting one of the tournament's stadiums in Volgograd, Thursday.
During his visit, Unger has toured various venues, from St. Petersburg in the west to Sochi in the south. Each stadium, including the infrastructure needed to accommodate fans, has been met with the FIFA delegation's approval. Unger emphasised that 'all' the projects would be ready in time for the World Cup in 2018, with some even being ready for the 2017 Confederations Cup.
Volgograd is one of 11 cities that will host the 2018 World Cup in 12 stadiums across Russia.