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Russian marines mock-captured the Egyptian navy frigate the 'Sharm el Sheikh' in the Mediterranean Sea, during the first phase of joint military naval drills coined 'Friendship Bridge-2015', on Thursday. The marines simulated an assault on the boat, in a scenario in which the frigate was transporting contraband. According to a Russian Marine spokesman the servicemen created a scenario in which the 'Sharm el Sheikh' was 'carrying drug contraband.' Other exercises included the Egyptian navy inspecting the Russian corvette 'Samum.' Following that both crews trained in maneuvering and repulsing attacks by small-size targets. After the completion of the first phase of the exercises the organisers analyzed the results and gave new instructions; setting new tasks to the various ship crews, including Russian missile cruiser 'Moskva.' As well as the Moskva and the Samum, the landing ship 'Alexander Shabalin,' the tanker 'Ivan Bubnov,' a Ka-27 helicopter and the tugboat MB-31 are all set to participate in the drills. The Egyptian Navy will contribute two frigates - the Taba and the Damiyat, two patrol boats and two F-16 fighter jets. The 'Friendship Bridge 2015' exercises are aimed at boosting military cooperation between the nations' navies, and promoting stability and security in the Mediterranean.


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