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Brazil: Wildfires raging in Amazon rainforests

4 22.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Firefighter walking, Porto Velho
W/S Firefighters at work
M/S Bushes on fire
M/S Firefighter
M/S Wildfires
M/S Wildfires
M/S Fire brigade trying to put out fire
M/S Wildfires
SOT, firefighter (Portuguese): "On really busy days, we have six, seven, or even ten incidents that we can handle. We need staff and more vehicles. We need more attention so that we can help the local population."
W/S Fire brigade trying to put out fire
W/S Firefighters pulling out hose from truck
W/S Firefighter near fire
SOT, local resident (Portuguese): "The fire came from over there. We put it out there, but it caught a piece of straw and reached my property."
W/S Firefighters tackling fire
C/U Snake crawling over burnt bushes *NO SOUND AT SOURCE*
W/S Firefighters tackling fire
Wildfires continue in northern Brazil's regions of Amazon and Pantanal. Footage filmed last Friday in rural zones near the city of Porto Velho shows firefighters tackling the blaze.