Тленните останки на Ане Франк може би лежат в новооткрит масов гроб

Dutch researchers have discovered a new mass grave at the site of the Nazi Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where teenage diarist Anne Frank died as a prisoner in March 1945. Flowers, flags and photographs lay at the foot of a memorial to Anne and her elder sister Margot at Bergen-Belsen, Monday. Anne Frank is believed to have been buried alongside her sister in a mass grave after she died of typhoid. Her body is one of over 70,000 that were placed into unidentified graves at the camp between 1941 and 1945. Her remains have never been discovered. The Dutch researchers identified the site of the mass grave using information from former inmates of the camp. Bergen-Belsen was liberated by British forces on April 15, 1945.