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Japan: Activists protest outside court as three former executives acquitted over Fukushima disaster

2 19.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Activists outside court, Tokyo
M/S Activists holding banner reading in Japanese "Not guilty for all, unjust ruling or unfair decision"
M/S Activist with banner
M/S Activists posing for media
SOT, activist (Japanese): "We wishing that the truth and justice become real in our country even that each of our individual power is small. But we need them not be ashamed to face our children and next generations. We will continue fighting back."
W/S Activists and journalists outside Tokyo District Court
SOT, Activist (Japanese): "I think, the judgement today was given as an important opportunity to think about and remember what happened 8 years ago and remember why these accident couldn't be avoided. We will make action again for our future."
W/S Activists and journalists
C/U Images of three former executives of Tokyo Electric Power Company
W/S Activists chanting
M/S Activists
W/S Activists outside court