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Russia: Mutko hits out at Western spin on doping scandal

0 08.06.2016 Инфо

Russian Minister of Sport Vitali Mutko refuted allegations from German media that he had been privy to information regarding Russian atheletes' involvement in the international doping scandal, while talking to journalists in Moscow, Wednesday.
Mutko hit out at the attention from German TV channel ARD and other Western news outlets on Russia's relationship to the doping scandal, saying that the German press want "to influence the decision International Athletics Association on restoration of Russian Athletics Federation rights".
He added that some people "do not want to have a competitor, another one wants to blacken Russia and cast a shadow on it", calling to "establish a normal system of doping controls" which would apply globally.
The IAA meeting on Russia's ban from international competitions will take place on June 17. The body's decision will determine whether Russia will compete at the Rio Olympics or not.
An ARD TV investigation reported on the alleged use of doping by Russian sportsmen and women back in December 2014. Since then subsequent films were broadcasted in December and March 2015, after which the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) began investigations and imposed sanctions on Russian athletics competitors.