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Роналдо говори за своята футболна академия в Москва

203 20.05.2015 Инфо

Retired Brazilian footballer Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima announced the opening of the Ronaldo Academy, during an interview in Moscow, Monday. The legendary striker discussed the 2014 World Cup and his new found passion for poker. The football academy, named after the Ronaldo, will train young people from four to 18-years-old, not only to grow into promising footballers, but also to become great citizens - Ronaldo claims. Believed to be one of the greatest players in football history, Ronaldo explained his new passion for poker saying it allows him to "find the adrenaline" he used to get when playing football. Ronaldo has "big potential" in poker, according to the professional players he played with. The former Real Madrid striker also expressed his hopes for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted in Russia, saying it was a "great opportunity" for investments in football and infrastructure.