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Syria: SAA forces enter former US base at Qasr Yalda

3 21.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Syrian Arab Army (SAA) vehicles entering former US base at Qasr Yalda
W/S Soldiers
W/S Soldier on the lookout
W/S Soldier and Syrian flag
W/S Soldier walking
W/S Soldiers
M/S Wires, bags, and gym equipment *NO SOUND AT SOURCE*
M/S Book on the ground
W/S Entrance
W/S Soldiers walking with book in hands
M/S Book in soldier's hands
W/S Destroyed house
W/S Destroyed vehicle
W/S Concrete barriers
W/S Concrete barriers
W/S Firing range
W/S Former US base
W/S Base entrance
W/S Smoke billowing in the distance
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered Qasr Yalda northwest of the town of Tal Tamr on Saturday, a location formerly used by the United States military as an operating base in the region.
Footage shows SAA soldiers patrolling the former US compound as well as the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic hoisted above the base.
The advance of the SAA follows an agreement with Kurdish groups to help defend the region against Turkey's military offensive dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring,' which was announced on October 9 with the stated aim of establishing a 'safe zone' in north eastern Syria.
Turkey announced a 120-hour ceasefire on October 17 to allow Kurdish forces to leave the area, after a round of talks between US Vice President Mike Pence and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.