Brazil: 'Temer out!' - Rousseff supporters protest outside Alvorada Palace

Dilma Rousseff supporters rallied outside the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia, Sunday, to protest against the newly appointed President Michel Temer.
The protesters chanted "Temer out" and held a banner reading "Dilma - our new president."
One Rousseff supporter said "we are here to make clear that we, the workers, who've built this extraordinary country [...] won't allow our achievements to be undermined in this way. We will not allow any rights to be mitigated. On the contrary, we want more. Because the workers of this country, the youth of this country, the women of this country deserve more."
Temer officially took office on 31 August 2016, after being appointed by the Brazilian Senate in Brasilia. His appointment comes as former President Rousseff was removed from office, in order for an impeachment trial to continue against her. Rousseff has been charged with manipulating public budgetary figures before the October 2014 election. She maintains her innocence and accuses those who are seeking to impeach her of instigating a coup.