Canada: 'It's going to change how we live' - researchers demonstrate Waterloop levitation system

Students at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, presented their 'Waterloop' to an audience on Tuesday evening. Their new design is one of the world's first functional, pneumatic-based Hyperloop levitation systems.
Discussing the design, team captain Yazan Obeidi said, "It's going to change how we live." He explained, "Montreal to Toronto is a 450 kilometre trip, and right now it takes about an hour by plane, and it costs upwards of 200 dollars. You can drive it, it takes 5 hours. But a Hyperloop will take 30 minutes."
The students, known as team 'Waterloop' designed a prototype as part of the International SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, a contest that invites university students and engineers to design pods that could become part of the super-fast Hyperloop system within the next few years.