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UK: At least 50 arrested at Anonymous Million Mask March

13 06.11.2015 Инфо

Clashes broke out between police and protesters in central London on Thursday as thousands of demonstrators linked to cyber-activist group Anonymous gathered for a mass anti-austerity protest. After the main demonstration broke up in Trafalgar square, pockets of protesters marched through central London, before being forcibly "kettled" and detained by the Metropolitan police. Three police officers were taken to hospital during the protest, while at least 50 arrests were made so far.. During the protest fireworks and traffic cones were thrown at police lines, while a police car was also set on fire. The protest, dubbed the 'Million Mask March' as protesters donned Guy Fawkes mask modelled on the protagonist of the radical comic book and film V for Vendetta, is an annual event called by online hacker collective Anonymous. The theme of this year's march focused on government spying on citizens, a day after the British Conservative Government published a new bill intended to give the intelligence services greater leeway to collect information on the public.