Russia: RT EXCLUSIVE Deputy MoD talks of 'lack of trust' between Russia and NATO

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoli Antonov commented on relations between Russia and the US as well as Russia and NATO, during an interview in Moscow on Monday.
Antonov said that there was "a lack of trust" between NATO members and Russia. "After events in Ukraine, NATO countries, countries of the European Union, have frozen military cooperation with the Russian Federation. It was not us who initiated this process. Today an information war is set up against the Russian Federation," he said.
The Russian minister said that "NATO [has] reached the point of absurdity: today they say that Russia is 'on NATO's threshold'; as if it were us who moved closer to NATO and not NATO who got closer to us."
"I'm sorry that all the good that was developed in the military sphere with NATO countries including in the fight against terrorism and in Afghanistan, has been thrown out and forgotten so very easily today," he added.
Antonov stressed that the US wants to cooperate with Russia "from a position of strength." He called such an approach "the same schema of communication as an elder uses with a younger ... The following comparison comes to me: as if a careless student was summoned to the school board and was being criticised for his failures," he explained.