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Cologne could be inaugurating its wackiest mayor yet, as star forensic biologist Mark Benecke gears up for September's election, showing off his unorthodox political approach in the western German city, Tuesday. Putting on show his personal forensics and biology collection - including several human skulls, a hoard of pet cockroaches and giant jar of insect larvae - the scientist-cum-politician chatted about both his professional and political life from his offices. Before going into politics, Benecke became renowned for his forensics work with the skulls of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in Moscow, with many of his cases receiving attention from the National Geographic Channel and the History Channel. The forensics man later branched out from his crime consultancy work into diplomacy, becoming chairman of satirical political party 'The Party.' Benecke maintains that his deep understanding of the biological world, apparently garnered largely from studying his cockroach collection, is a perfect jumping point for developing a keen political analysis and comprehension. Clearly no stranger to straying from the political norm, the tattooed Benecke is Cologne's only mayoral candidate to be handing out free condoms to his would-be voters, in a bid to garner support from a younger audience. With his bag of eclectic and eccentric tricks, the scientist-cum-politician hopes to take Germany's fourth largest city by storm in the elections set for September 13.


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