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Italy: Migrant shipwreck found on seafloor near Lampedusa

1 17.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Sunken migrant shipwreck near Lampedusa, Italy
M/S Debris
W/S Shipwreck
M/S Shipwreck
W/S Shipwreck
M/S Shipwreck
The Italian Coast Guard found a shipwreck and bodies of drowned migrants after a week-long search near Lampedusa, footage from Tuesday shows.
The underwater footage shows the ship, found at a depth of 60 metres (200ft) at the bottom of the Mediterranean, as well as debris floating around it. Authorities reportedly found 12 bodies including a mother embracing a child near the shipwreck.
The ship, which reportedly left Libya carrying some 50 people, capsized on the night of October 7.
Though 13 bodies were found floating after the incident, interviews of the 22 survivors indicated more were missing.
Mandatory credit: Guardia Costeira