USA: Samsung unveils its phone-tablet hybrid – the Samsung Galaxy Fold

South Korean Telecom giant Samsung unveiled its brand-new Samsung Galaxy Fold, along with the S10 and other items in San Francisco on Wednesday.
Samsung America SVP Justin Denison explained that a key feature of the Galaxy Fold was the ability to seamlessly move between one or two screens which "work together to give you a singular, seamless, multi-screen experience, and the key to making this possible is called 'App Continuity.'"
"It fits right in the palm of your hand, so you can send a message to a friend or make a call with one hand while you’re on the go. Of course, sometimes, you want a larger screen, and the Galaxy Fold's infinity flex display gives you a powerful multi-media experience," Denison said.
The Fold will hit the stores in April for a price tag of $1,980 (€1,745), while the S10 will be available starting in March, with the cheapest version going for $750 (€66).