Meet the 'Kayaktivists' Out to Stop Shell's Giant Arctic Oil Rig

Katrina Pestaño is running the mic. She is speaking at a rally of several hundred people trying to disrupt business as usual for the world's largest oil company. Their target, Royal Dutch Shell's 400-foot-long, 300-foot-tall offshore oil rig, dubbed the Polar Pioneer, was just out of sight in Elliott Bay, behind the terminal building. In January, Seattleites learned Shell is planning to park the rig at their port for eight months of the year, when it isn't drilling for oil in Alaska's Chukchi Sea. Since then, a growing group of citizen-activists, elected officials and non-governmental organizations has been plotting ways to not only kick the rig out of the city, but also halt Shell's Arctic drilling plans altogether. Since March, much of that organizing has focused on planning two protests: Saturday's law-abiding "festival of resistance," involving a flotilla in the bay, and a civil disobedience action on Monday – a work day – to try and block access to the terminal for Shell employees.