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Clashes erupted between police and protesters in Rome on Tuesday as demonstrators rallied infront of the Ministry of Infrastructure over the eviction of 280 people from a former Telecom building turned residential squat in Bologna. Tensions boiled as a large group of demonstrators blocked the road and police were forced to disperse the crowd with water cannons. A group of up to 200 people had gathered, holding banners and voicing their anger at the goverment's decision to evict some 280 people from the former telephone company building. The building was housing some 280 people, among them 76 families and more than 100 children. The eviction of the residents spurred protesters to take to the streets and voice their concern not only for the Bologna building eviction but also over the genral wave of gentrification which is sweeping through Italian cities. Video courtesy of Coordinamento cittadino Lotta per la casa


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