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Founder of Men's Wearhouse Launches New Business

142 01.06.2015 Инфо

At the ripe old age of 66, George Zimmer is joining the ranks of startup founders who take Uber as an inspiration. Zimmer, best known for founding and serving as the public face of Men's Wearhouse before getting fired in a very public fashion in 2013, officially launched a new company on Monday called zTailors, which will let customers book tailors across the U.S. to come to their homes or offices and make alterations. To promote the new venture, Zimmer has borrowed the startup phrase du jour, describing zTailors as "Uber for tailors." Zimmer, a self-professed technology luddite, told Mashable in an interview, "Uber made their app easy to use so that even guys like me and everybody they know can use it. We’ve been trying to design our website and our app along the lines of Uber to make it easy to use."