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Peru: Check out 'Fredy' the world's oldest and cutest pygmy anteater

721 21.10.2016 Инфо

Staff at Lima's Huachipa Zoo showed off the longest living pygmy anteater in captivity; 'Fredy' who had reached the grand old age of 11 while living , on Thursday.
'Fredy' set the record for the longest living pygmy anteaters (silky anteater) in captivity, and has surpassed long since surpassed the average life span of the creatures, which stands at two and half years. The pygmy anteaters, also known by the binomial name Cyclopes Didactylus, are no larger than the palm of a hand measuring 13 centimetres and weighing in at 400 grams.
The Technical Director and Conservation at the Huachipa Zoo Lizzeth Bermudez described the smallest species of anteater, "The Hormigueros are a species that do not have teeth, they have only one fairly long and sticky tongue, and they are adapted to a diet of insects, like termites and ants in different degrees depending on the species. The Cyclopes didactylus is a nocturnal tree-dweller which eats ants."
The Huachipa Zoo, located in the east of Lima, has become the world's pioneers of conversation of the pygmy anteater, whose characteristics and habitats were previously broadly unknown. Bermudez stressed that as tree-dwellers the greatest danger to the animals are deforestation.