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President of Ciechanow Krzysztof Kosinski expressed his eagerness for US troops to begin using a former military base located in the town, Friday. The town became one of the five Polish locations chosen to host permanent US Army personnel and equipment in a decision ratified by a US-Polish intergovernmental agreement signed Thursday, as part of the US and NATO's plans to increase their presence in Eastern Europe. The Polish army stopped using the barracks in the 1990s, leaving them abandoned for decades. According to military sources, the soldiers are expected to perform tasks related to defence and national security. Kosinski said the arrival of US personnel "is a chance to revive the area and of course is an opportunity for new jobs for the inhabitants of Ciechanow." The other bases in Poland set to be used by US troops are located in the towns of Lask, Drawsko Pomorskie, Skwierzyna and Choszczno. All of the sites are expected to be operational as early as June 2016. Kosinski’s comments came as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the military alliance would boost response forces to 40,000 troops and establish six new small headquarters in Eastern European countries, Thursday. Both US and NATO officials have promised to bolster ‘defences’ in the alliance’s Eastern member states, with Stoltenberg stating “we are ready to defend every ally against every threat.”


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