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Germany: 'No more war' says US Ambassador to Germany Emerson on Elbe Day

US Ambassador to Germany John B. Emerson summarised the legacy of Elbe Day on April 25 in 1945 with the words "Nie wieder Krieg (English: no more war)" in Torgau, Sunday, during a commemoration ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the historic event, which is regarded by some as marking the start of the end of World War II. Emerson also stated that Germans and Americans have developed from foes to friends 70 years after, following the peaceful revolution in eastern Germany in 1989 and the fall of the Berlin wall, which has paved the way for a vision of "peace" and "human rights" across Europe and the world. After Emerson`s speech, US representatives laid wreaths in front of the monument at the site. Soldiers of 69th division of the US infantry and the 58th Soviet Army division met in Torgau on April 25 in 1945 and shook hands on the destroyed Elbe bridge. The famous handshake of William Robertson and Alexander Silwaschko has become symbolic of a crucial step towards the eventual end of World War II.