World Leaders' Personal Info Sent to Wrong E-mail Addresses

The UK's Guardian newspaper has revealed, an unidentified officer at the Australian immigration department accidentally emailed personal details of world leaders to the wrong person ahead of the G20 Summit in Brisbane.
The security breach included the personal details of world leaders such as U.S. president Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The Asian Cup Local Organizing Committee was on the receiving end of the accidental email, which included passport numbers and visa details back in November 2014.
In an email obtained by The Guardian under Freedom of Information, the director of visa services division of Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection advised the privacy commissioner that the breach was due to "human error."
The issue was immediately flagged through the appropriate channels in the immigration office, after the incorrect recipient informed the sender of the matter. Following this, the privacy commissioner was briefed; with an e-mail saying “The risk remains only to the extent of human error, but there was nothing systemic or institutional about the breach."