Turbot Powered? Motorway Stop Offers Catch of the Day to Drivers

The orange-dotted plaice gleams, the scallops look plump and delicious, the gurnard is so fresh it appears to be swimming through the ice. But it’s not the counter of a high-end city pop-up eatery or a trendy seaside restaurant. Rather this is – so it is claimed – the world’s first motorway fishmonger.
A few hundred metres away traffic is trundling along the southbound carriageway of the M5. Here at the newly minted Gloucester services, fishmonger Francis Phillips is preparing to welcome his first customers.
Phillips, who ran a mobile fish business from a van for more than a quarter of a century before deciding to drop anchor on the motorway, said, “I feel there’s real scope to reinvent the fish counter.”
Now, southbound travellers can pick up fish caught in the north-east Atlantic and landed in Cornwall the previous day. There are believed to be fewer than 1,000 specialist fishmongers in Britain now, many having shut because of pressure from the supermarkets and changing tastes.