Majestic - Do It Big [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



Break late to the fill to car,
Been looking and you know who we are,
Do it big, do it like there’s no tomorrow,
And even know if we just get to this far,
Stop been all eyes on me,
Gotta stunt everybody gon’ see,
Cause you know we do it b-i-g,
And never know this who might I just be!

[Verse 1]

Checking out my pants, yea I know they might be tight,
But if you look inside I’m packing brass knuckles and a knife,
And this bitch, who I like to call my wife,
Says she loves me more than life,
Itself, little does she know she’s only 1 out of 5,
See I’m with a different chick anywhere I arrive,
Whether I’m with a Merc or or a C5,
Why? That’s because I’m so effing fly,
Up high in the clouds and in the damn sky,
Chillen with them birds, so unique with the words,
That I manage to converse, with them sexy ladies,
For BJs in the back of my Mercedes.
Whether it’s a gift or whether it’s a curse,
Do you want to know what what is even worse?
That none of these girls actually know my real name,
Son if you’re a player, then I’m the motherfucking game!


[Verse 2]

I only drift, I never turn,
Tires don’t squeak, they smoke and burn,
How I earn my money bitch, it’s none of your concern,
Watch the emerald in my rind and call me Green Lantern.
My house my rules, can’t you learn?
If I want milk then you must churn,
Haven’t you heard homie I am the one,
Who doesn’t play games, who doesn’t have fun.
Try and hide from me but I won’t let you run,
Cause I’ll blast off your knees with a magnum,
If you’re in top 10 then I’m number 1,
Take it like a man or cry to your mom,
Either way I’ve always won – said and done.
Fuck cribs on the hills, that ain’t nun,
I live in the House of the Rising Sun,
So think twice ‘fore you fuck with us, holy shit son!


[Verse 3]

Only competition I see is in the mirror,
I’m only looked down, by the Grim Reaper,
But I still give him the middle finger,
Even as a geezer, I still won’t linger,
And if your bitch, is a gold digger,
Then I will bring her, to my fucking house,
Show her the life of a real boss,
With some other whores we can roll in a Rolls,
Monday in a Phantom, Tuesday in a Ghost,
When I get bored I will drop them hoes,
Don’t hate homez that I got balls,
Bigger than the zip codes of Niagara Falls.
Yep, I just got into the hip-hop,
And I will drop but I won’t stop,
Until I climb the ladder all the way to the top,
So I can crack up in the face of a flop!

[Chorus 2X]


Yeah…Majestic…holla at me baby…hahaha…yea…brrrap…haha