Online Trolls Set the Opinionated Status Quo For Bungie's 'Destiny'

On the day Bungie's BAFTA Award winning game "Destiny" shipped last September, co-founder Jason Jones told his team "You should be proud of what you did and you should know we've made a ton of mistakes, and we're gonna fix 'em."
As community and marketing relations manager Eric "Urk" Osborne remembers it. House of Wolves, the game's second expansion, arrives this week, and Jones' launch day real talk is as true now as it was nine months ago.
After 18 updates that fixed, rebalanced, buffed, nerfed, poked and prodded various aspects of the game, the core $60 experience that you buy today bears very little resemblance to the one that launched last year.
But tons and tons of people are still playing it, and doing so happily. For the most part. Rewards or not; and in spite of the casual naysayers--'Destiny' is a game that where the players are always coming back for more and enjoy taking a break from the real world.