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Slovakia: Street protests return as new details emerge murdered journalist investigation

2 21.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Anti-government demonstration in Freedom Square, Bratislava
M/S Demonstrators
SOT, Karolina Farska, civic activist and protest organiser (Slovak): "The current situation is not only about one person and about the current ministers and prosecutors. Simply: it's a system they've been building here for years. Without it, it would not be possible to assassinate a journalist and his fiancee. This means that it is not just about him."
W/S Demonstrators holding banner
W/S Demonstrators holding banner reading (Slovak): 'Let's not cut national parks' funding. The forest cannot be planted'
SOT, Karolina Farska, civic activist and protest organiser (Slovak): "Over the past few months, we have seen a lot of dirt come to the surface through investigators, prosecutors and then through journalists."
M/S Demonstrators applauding
W/S Slovakian flag
SOT, Monika Kavecka, chairwoman of Nurses' Department (Slovak): "We are hostages and we have had enough. The expanding evil has helped us unite and persevere."
C/U Caricature of Slovakian former president Robert Fico
W/S Demonstrators listening to speeches
W/S Demonstrators applauding
SOT, Kristina Tormova, actress (Slovak): "People, I do not know them, write a recommendation to me to not meddle in politics, to not to comment on the situation in Slovakia. They write to me telling me to take care of my children. I am here today, because I care of my children."
W/S Demonstration
SOT, Juraj Kemka, actor (Slovak): "In order to have power and money, they kept their comradeship. And then they stole our rule of law."
W/S Demonstrators watching speeches on stage
W/S Episcopal Summer Palace - residence of Slovak Republic
An estimated 4,000 people appeared at an anti-government demonstration in Bratislava on Friday, after new revelations from an investigation into the murder of a journalist in 2018.
Demonstrators listened to speeches from anti-corruption campaigners of the Decent Slovakia Movement.
Several similar rallies were held across the country and abroad.
Investigative reporter Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kusnirova were murdered at their home in February 2018. New details have since emerged suggesting a link with state bodies.
Mass protests last year forced then-prime minister Robert Fico to resign. His anointed successor Peter Pellegrini has attracted the ire of protesters, who criticise the government's handling of the case
Prosecutors expect to finish their investigation this autumn.