Greek PM Tsipras Reportedly Accepts Bailout Plan

Stock markets across Europe surged higher following a report on the Financial Times website that Greece will accept all the bailout demands of creditors bar a few changes such as maintaining a discount on sales taxes on the Greek islands.
In the two-page letter sent to Greece's creditors on Tuesday, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appears to be making big concessions in a request for a new bailout deal.
Another change Tsipras is requesting is moving the retirement age to 67 by Oct. 2022 instead of right away. The Financial Times reports that finally, he asked for a solidarity grant to be awarded to poorer pensioners, to be phased out in Dec. 2019.
Traders responded positively, thinking that it could form the basis of a new deal between Greece and its creditors that would prevent a messy Greek exit from the euro.
It's unclear, however, if the bailout deal is still on the table, since it expired Tuesday, and Greece defaulted on a $1.8 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund.