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Turkey: Four killed following Turkish military shelling in Kudish Silopi - reports

2 06.04.2016 Инфо

Four people were killed during Turkish state military operations in the Kurdish city of Silopi on Wednesday, according to local media reports and Twitter posts from people and organisations in the area. The victims - Isa, Ahmet, Muhyettin and Sadettin Tonguc - were in their family home when a Turkish shell reportedly hit the premises. Many residents fled the city following the reported attack.
The shelling occurred a day after the imposition of a curfew on Silopi, where smoke was seen rising following fighting on Wednesday. Turkish officials stated that the reason behind the curfew reportedly was the attack on an armoured police vehicle which left one officer dead and four injured.
Turkish security forces have undertaken a large-scale military operation against the PKK in south-eastern Turkey, which began in the middle of last year and has involved the imposition of curfews on Kurdish-majority cities, aerial bombing, and mass detention in areas of unrest.