Majestic - Beast Mode [audio]



Producer: Rameca Records
Music, Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Lyrics: Majestic
Model: Vili Tomova
Photographer & Photoshop Designer: Wonder Swamp


[Chorus 2X]

Tell me I can’t do it,
Beast mode activated!
Tell me I won’t manage,
Beast mode activated!
Tell me I will fail,
Beast mode activated!
Tell me you are better,
Beast mode activated!

[Verse 1]

Welcome to the company of a sultan,
Born as a titan, raised in a mountain,
No I’m not a lion, I am a lycan,
When the full moon strikes I become alive and,
While you are sleeping I will have a nice time,
For me it is prime time, I’m not in my right mind,
What I do in a night takes you a lifetime,
Exploring the darkness like the ghost of Einstein!
I’m no Mr. Nice Guy, I don’t need to get by,
Simply because I keep an eye on the things that,
Matter in my life and just like Obie Trice if,
You shoot me in the head I promise I’ll survive, I,
Thrive on the sight of your fall and your demise,
As I strive to achieve heights higher than the skies,
You might say I fail but you know it’s all lies,
Because if you have a pair of nuts – say it to my eyes!

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2]

One thing I don’t get about you fucking faggots,
How you criticize and talk behind my back,
But all I do is laugh how you lack a ball sack,
Since you cannot even make simple eye contact,
Fucking twats, do you think I haven’t heard you theorize?
How my occupation is a gangster in disguise?
So I’m either Vanilla Ice or a Mafia fella?
Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela!
Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire?
Qu’est-ce que tu vas dire?
Si je vous disais que j’ai vécu à Paris,
Ne me faites pas rire, ce n’est pas possible,
Parce que je suis simplement bulgare, pas raciste,
Êtes-vous stupide? Je me sens chez moi,
Quand je suis en France, alors on danse,
To these fucking songs and try to sing along,

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]

Привет на цялото стадо от овци, което
За жалост аз наричам сънародници!
Кой съм аз ли? Аз съм просто следващият вълк,
Който ще ви лъже и ограби и измами,
Но спокойно слаби българчета, вие вече сте свикнали!
Армия от роби – то няма по-ниско от това,
Затова, слушайте си Димчо, слушайте си Дриско,
Защото от вас не става абсолютно нищо!
And for the bimbos – if you’re trying to sing along to this,
My apologies, you would need to speak a couple languages,
And in fact, let me add another to the list:
Привет – это язык номер шесть,
Или это пять? Я уже не знаю...блядь!
Но в любом случае это не главное, Тимати,
Где ты брат? Меня зовут Величественный, hi!
Let’s take over the world Eastern European style,

[Chorus 2X]