Captain America: Civil War Script Has A Lot Of Fun Stuff For Anthony Mackie's Falcon

At the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere, Anthony Mackie admitted that he had read the script for Captain America: Civil War.
In The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson aka the Falcon had lots of fun things to do, like grabbing the treacherous Agent Sitwell in midair after Black Widow kicked him off a rooftop during an intense interrogation. Will the Falcon have more fun stuff to do in Civil War? Mackie told MTV, "It's a lot of fun stuff for me to do, but you know it's Civil War, so it's like a big...civil war."
Months back, Mackie grabbed some headlines when he described Civil War as "Avengers 3.8," but now he is backtracking on those comments. Mackie explained, "It really plays well with the storyline of Cap and how he's evolved into his own man, and you know, him doing his thing, and everybody coming together to fight for the common good of man."