Македония: Дрон заснема огромен антиправителствен протест в Скопие

Drone footage captured thousands of anti-government protesters as they marched through Skopje on Sunday, decrying alleged police brutality and government corruption and calling for the resignation of the Macedonian leadership. Out on masse, protesters marched on the newly revamped Macedonian Government Building. Although there was a police presence on the streets of the Macedonian capital, the demonstration carried on peacefully. Tensions have heightened in Skopje following opposition leader Zoran Zaev's accusation that the country's leadership covered up the 2011 police killing of Martin Neskovski. The 21-year-old was filmed being beaten to death by police during election victory celebrations in Skopje for the VMRO-DPMNE political party. Macedonian Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska has dismissed Zaev's allegations, accusing him of manipulating the facts for political gain.