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Германия: Пазачът от концлагера Аушвиц Groning на съд в Luneberg

90 21.04.2015 Инфо

The trial of Oskar Groning, a guard of the SS who worked in the Auschwitz concentration camp, began in the town of Luneburg, Tuesday. Groning is charged with complicity in 300,000 deaths. The trial has been labelled as important for symbolic reasons, due to the fact that only 43 out of the 6,500 SS members who worked in concentration camps have ever faced trial and prosecution. Thomas Walther, the lawyer of the 60 or so joint-plaintiffs who brought the case to trial, insisted that the trial is not about punishment, but about justice. He emphasised the work of his team is to speak for the dead of Auschwitz and those who lost their dignity in the death camps of Nazi Germany. Groning has been vocal about the role he played in Auschwitz and his contuining guilt, but insists he was a small part in a much bigger machine and therefore protests his innocence of the charges brought against him. He, however, admitted he was aware of the use of gas chambers. The co-plantiffs seek to get Groning to admit to being more than a mere 'passive witness.'