Russia: World's largest hovercraft opens Race of Heroes military sports event

The Race of Heroes, a military sports event, kicked-off in the Kaliningrad region, Saturday. The world's largest hovercraft, the Zubr-class 'Evgeny Kocheshkov,' opened the military event by transferring a BTR-82A wheeled armoured personnel carrier and scores of troops onto an unequipped shore. The Evgeny Kocheshkov has an ability to carry 130 tonnes of personnel and cargo. Personnel of the Marine Corps, coastal defence troops of the Baltic Fleet, participated at the first day of the event. Among their tasks was to cross a river through underground tunnels, overcoming obstacles of barbed wire on a 7 km (4 mile) long track. The Race of Heroes military event is supported by the Russian Defence Ministry as part of the 'Ready for Labour and Defence' programme.