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Spain: Falangists march in Madrid to commemorate leader's death anniversary

0 23.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Demonstrators chanting and showing Falangist salute, Madrid
M/S Manuel Andrino, National Chief of Falange Espanola singing Falange's hymn
M/S Spanish flag
W/S Falange supporters march
W/S Demonstrators march
W/S Demonstrator waving Spain's pre-constitutional flag l
W/S Demonstrators display a banner with the picture of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera
SOT, Martín Ynestrillas, Falange Espanola: "How many parties, how many organizations, how many, not only in Spain's history, but in the whole world's? How many organizations have lost all of their founding leaders?! Like José Antonio! Like Ramiro! Like Onesimo! Like Julio Ruiz de Alda!"
M/S Falange supporter with flare
SOT, Martín Ynestrillas, Falange Espanola: "Today is the first fighting journey of the next 364 days. Today, we are getting closer to forced clandestinity. The fight continues and God knows that with everyone of you, we will give a battle! Hail Spain!"
W/S Demonstrators march
W/S Demonstrators march
M/S Bystander taking a picture of Spain's pre-constitutional flag
M/S Falange Espanola and Spain's flags
W/S Demonstrators march
M/S Demonstrators march
M/S Demonstrators march
Supporters of Spain's far-right Falange movement marched through Madrid on Friday to commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the death of its founder Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.
Following the demonstration, dozens of Falange supporters began the so-called 'Crown March'. They will walk from Madrid to the Valley of the Fallen, some 45 kilometres from the capital, to the grave of de Rivera.
He was buried in the memorial complex from which the remains of dictator Francisco Franco were exhumed in October.