Barry Sonnenfeld to Direct Film About Famous Hoax

Barry Sonnenfeld has signed on to direct a film based on James "The Amazing" Randi’s Project Alpha, a real-life hoax that is explored in the documentary feature An Honest Liar. Directed by Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom, An Honest Liar, a documentary about Randi’s life, opened in exclusive engagements in New York and Los Angeles on March 6.
Project Alpha was a hoax orchestrated by Randi and two fake psychics, Steve Shaw (now known as Banachek) and Michael Edwards. Banachek and Edwards participated in a paranormal research project led by researchers who believed that the pair had legitimate psychic powers and had no idea that they were being duped. The project, which began in 1979, lasted over two years until the hoax was revealed publicly in Discover magazine.