Германия: Бежанците докараха Мюнхен до ръба на капацитета му

Authorities in Munich are seeking to expand their capacity to cope with new refugee arrivals after receiving at least 20,000 refugees over the weekend, Munich police spokesperson Werner Kraus said in the Bavarian capital on Monday. The latest arrivals will receive a health check and a brief visit from authorities to make sure everything is ok before being transferred to refugee centres, he added. "Of course, we are at the limits of our capacity, but we are always searching for new capacity; so before long we will be able to cope with everything," Kraus said. Thousands of refugees entered Germany over the weekend, travelling from Hungary via Austria following German Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to declare Germany's suspension of the Dublin Regulation. The regulation states that migrants can only claim asylum in the country they first enter on European Union (EU) territory; with them potentially facing deportation should they try any other country. However, Germany is now permitting officers to process applications of asylum seekers even if they travelled through other EU countries first. Authorities estimate that up to 800,000 people could apply for asylum in Germany by the end of 2015.